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Fire Safety Awareness

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The course aims to enable the participant to prevent a fire from occurring and react accordingly in the event of a fire. It will give the participant knowledge of fire prevention, types of fires, hazards and handling of fire fighting equipment.


The course covers the main legislation associated with fire.  Candidates will be able to identify sources of ignition and the relevant control measures.  On completion of the course candidates will also be able to identify the main ways in which fire spreads.  The course also covers the principles of how to operate a fire extinguisher


After completing the course participants should be able to compile and implement a fire safety plan to suit their individual workplace and be confident, that in the event of a fire, they understand the correct measures that need to be carried out.

The participant will receive a Fire Safety training certificate upon completion of the course.


This course is ideal for anyone in the workplace, at any level, as it gives informative and essential knowledge in the event of a fire to safely protect each individual.

This course is bespoke and can be tailored to your company’s training requirements.

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