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Imex International

Established in 2006 iMex international has been successfully delivered best products and services by meeting our client expectations. Our active business network and partners have attained high respects and have established a trustful uncompromising image in local and international markets.

iMex international mainly dealing

  • Training & Consulting
  • IT & Telecommunication
  • Oilfield Services
  • Fertilizer
  • Construction Services


It has been an eventful effort of living a dream and watching it come true over these years. 

Commencing into a humble start, back in 2006 to becoming what we now offer, iMex International has grown and sustained providing high end service to our clientele across Pakistan and now breaking out on the globe. 

To us at iMex International nothing was more powerful a business satisfaction than having the customer base which we pride in as a large pool, approve of what we do for them each day as we have served and continue to serve an uncompromising quality. 

Commitment, honesty and work ethic have been our core competence that drives us to perfection in our work. 

As an organization iMex has aimed at no lesser than totality in the living our finest moment when we have put together our best to educating professionals to meet or exceed international standards in bringing quality life. 

So trust us and let us serve you, no one does it better…